Mean Louie's Gin Mediterranean

With the first sip you are transported to the forest where fresh resin like juniper awakens your senses, herbal notes comes through and grow through your toes are you tread the pathway. The spices are like playful animals around you with a hint of aniseed coming through as well. Once you find the clearing your left with an almost herbal taste while you admire the deep golden colour in what has been quite a crisp and light yet very smooth journey with an almost brandy like richness to it.

Picking up some tonic and mixing it with Mean Louie's Gin really lifts everything and makes it taste thicker. A lot more of the lemon and orange citrus coming out as well like pine cones hanging on the branches. Whilst it starts with a little bit of bitterness its quickly sooth by a sweeter side, the juniper is still resin like with the fresh spices really well blended and supporting your journey.

It might only be small but it certainly packs a great taste that’s pretty unique and unusually works brilliant in either the summer or the winter.

Each jar contains 50,0 cl gin of 37,5% AV.

Mean Louie's Gin-In-A-Jar Rosemary

Mean Louie proudly presents, in an unique collaboration with Fiston, "gin-in-a-jar".  A range of premium infused spirits using one solely fresh herb next to juniper and coriander seed. Rosemary kicks off this new gin concept. Other tastes will follow. Stay tuned!

Each jar contains 25,0 cl gin of 37,5% AV.